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Anamorph (2007)

Stan is a quiet, solitary detective in New York City. A few months ago, he solved a gruesome case of serial murders, although an undercover police officer lost her life. A new set of similar murders begins: the bodies are elaborately displayed and the killer uses equipment from art and early movie making in the tableau, or he leaves a clue as to where the investigators are to stand to get the full artistic effect. Stan is paired with a younger detective, Carl, whom he brushes off when Carl wants to get to know him. As pieces fall in place, it’s a race to prevent the next killing, quite possibly someone close to Stan. Awards: 1 winWorldwide Gross: $674,839Soundtrack: Can You Help Me? (Written by Mike Mattison and Paul Olsen)Henry MillerWillem Dafoe, Scott Speedman, Don Harvey2008-08-05 (United States)tt0497323

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